CRC Research


CRC's Healthcare Division offers a full range of boutique medical market research services, both qualitative and quantitative. As one of Canada’s highest rated medical recruiting facilities, we maintain a comprehensive medical database and offer both recruiting and interviewing services (qualitative and form–based). GP/FPs and Specialists are carefully screened according to client specifications.


The medical recruiting service covers all physician specialties, as well as Pharmacists, Nurses, Dentists and other medical professionals. The service is available throughout Canada. Using our detailed database of respondents, we are able to exclude respondents who do not qualify and provide our clients with a truly representative sample of the population to work with.


CRC moderators are senior professionals, each with over 10 years' experience. Collective core competencies include being fluently bi-lingual, enjoying international reputations in healthcare research, and demonstrated expertise in all major industry categories.

All our moderators have multi-country experience and are considered industry leaders in their fields. Memberships include ESOMAR, MRA (US), MRIA (Canada) and QRCA (US).


Ed is the company's President and senior consultant. He is also prominent in the market research community and in 2010-11 served as President of MRIA, Canada's sole representative body for the market research industry. He has published articles on qualitative research in both Canada and the USA and has been a guest speaker at market research conferences in both countries.

As a moderator, Ed relates particularly well to physicians and patients where his relaxed style, interspersed with humor is effective at eliciting open and comprehensive responses. With his background as an executive, he has become the moderator of choice for higher-level, technical projects particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical field.


Jessica has held senior marketing positions in Canada, England and Ireland and is currently VP, Pharma for CRC Research. In addition to managing medical qualitative projects, she also heads up the company's on-line division, which specializes in physician and patient research.

Well-known for her stamina and cheerful nature, Jessica demonstrates a keen interest in her research topics and has the ability to empathize with respondents in order to uncover their perspectives on complex issues. She has an international reputation in healthcare research and is the moderator of choice for several multi-national market research companies and for global Pharma companies.


Kathleen is a fluently bi-lingual (English/French) researcher and has held senior positions in both market research companies and with international advertising agencies. Her extensive category experience includes automotive, consumer-packaged goods, financial services, retail, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals.

Kathleen is comfortable with a wide range of respondents from physicians to business professionals, from consumers to children. She is adept at handling complex groups and drawing inferences from multiple, diverse stimuli.


A recognized leader in bringing innovation and new thinking to marketing research Sally has more than 20 years experience in healthcare. Having worked in both agency and client environments, she brings a broad range of both industry and methodological insight to her moderating assignments.

Over the years, Sally's work has touched a broad range of therapeutic areas and health related topics. In addition, she has intimate knowledge of disease management, patient education, healthcare integration models and public/private partnerships. Her experience working on projects within Canada, the US, Europe, the UK and sub-Saharan Africa enables her to provide a strong global perspective.

Her toolbox is further enhanced through her certifications as a Syneticsworld group creativity facilitator and TCPS [Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans] Researchers.

All moderators have extended profiles, stating each individual’s level of experience in different areas. These profiles are all available upon request.

Online panel research

CRC Research has been a trusted partner for many leading online research firms. Specializing in hard-to-reach recruits, we harness the power of our relationships with patient support groups, patient advocacy organizations and other professional associations.

Our double-opt in panel of over 200,000 patients and healthcare professionals is multi-sourced and carefully managed to ensure profiles are kept accurate and current.

Sample-only and full-service online quantitative services are available.

Focus groups/Interviews

As part of our healthcare services, we offer one on one interview’s with physicians, specialists and patients alike. Our in-depth database of industry leading professionals helps our clients learn all they need to know about their topics of interest. Our medical respondents are highly valued and participate voluntarily in the many in-field and on-site interviews we host.

Our valued patient pool consists of many people with a wide range of diagnosis’s and varying levels of intensity. This helps us understand people at every level of the medical industry and helps our clients full fill their needs.

In addition to the intimate interviews, we also host patient focus groups. Having a room full of people with a major condition or field of interest in common can bring us valuable insights and answer many of our client’s questions.