CRC Research


CRC's Consumer Division offers years of experience in helping your client's reach and understand their target audience. Dedicated project managers ensure recruiting criteria is effectively managed and quotas filled in a timely manner.

CRC Montréal specializes in French-speaking recruiting, while CRC Vancouver manages research in all English-speaking markets.

Services include:

  • concept, product & packaging tests
  • ethnographic & immersion research recruiting
  • traditional focus group, online bulletin board recruiting
  • website usability testing
  • taste tests
  • tele-depth interviews
  • B2B recruiting and executive interviewing


All recruiting is done in-house by CRC's professionally trained, hourly-paid staff whose only motivation is to fill quotas according to project specifications. We do not use "phone room" (quant survey) interviewers or home recruiters.

All respondents are monitored through a proprietary database for past participation, consistency of responses and for inclusion on industry-maintained "black lists". Recruiting is carried out to MRIA/MRA standards, and monthly reports are submitted to the national central registry for focus group respondents.


Focus Groups and Product Testing

CRC has extensive experience in conducting Central Location Tests, including music surveys/radio listening, taste tests and product evaluations. We have our own test kitchen and our staff is certified to serve alcohol. Very large numbers can be accommodated.

For full-service tests, all equipment will be provided (if necessary, through rental firms), and data analysis service is available. For client-run tests, we are happy to provide recruiting and logistical support only.