CRC Research

Our Story

CRC Research Inc. was formed in 1991, as a field service and data collection company. Since then we have grown to be one of the most well respected companies in our field. Located in Canada’s three largest cities, CRC Research does business with both local and international clients in the consumer and health fields. CRC’s CEO and founder Ed Gibson left a senior public sector position for the challenge and excitement of market research. The original goal of this business was simple: to empower people to express their opinions.

CRC Vancouver officially opened its doors in January 2001. The early focus was on qualitative research in Vancouver, Canada. Including moderating, recruiting and hosting focus groups for other agencies. The business grew rapidly and expanded to include fieldwork across Canada; CRC also began to gain a reputation in healthcare research.

In response to this growth, Jessica Gibson (Ed’s daughter) left the marketing career that she had been pursuing in Europe and joined the company as Vice President. CRC has been a family company ever since.

Senior personnel were added along the way and the healthcare consulting operation extended to completing projects in USA, Mexico and across Europe. The field service operation was expanded in 2008 through the acquisition of the Montreal-based Maritz Research field service operation, and the Canadian chain of focus group facilities was completed in 2011 with the opening of the new Toronto facility in North York.

CRC remains a close-knit family company supported by a talented team of young, multi-lingual and multi-cultural staff whose focus is on providing personalized service to all of our clients.